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Acknowledgement of Code of Ethics & New Member Orientation Requirement

I acknowledge and agree that within six (6) months from the time my application is received by the Newnan-Coweta Board of REALTORS®. I will attend the required Newnan-Coweta Board of REALTORS® Orientation class and Code of Ethics class.

I understand that I will receive no benefits of membership, including participation in the Million Dollar Club, until all membership requirements have been satisfied.

In the event that I fail to attend a New Member Orientation and/or Code of Ethics as set forth above, this application shall expire and all fees paid by will be forfeited to the Newnan-Coweta Board of REALTORS® and my broker notified of such action.

 Acknowledgement of Membership

I hereby apply for REALTOR® membership in the Newnan-Coweta Board of REALTORS®. In the event my application is approved, I agree as a condition to membership to complete the indoctrination course of the above named board/association, if any, and otherwise on my own initiative to thoroughly familiarize myself with the Code of Ethics of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® , including the duty to arbitrate business disputes in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual of the board and the constitution, bylaws, and rules and regulations of the above named board, the state association, and the National Association and I further agree to satisfactorily complete a reasonable and nondiscriminatory written examination covering such Code, constitution, bylaws, rules and regulations, and duty to arbitrate. I further agree that my act of paying dues shall evidence my initial and continuing commitment to abide by the aforementioned Code of Ethics, constitution, bylaws, rules and regulations, and duty to arbitrate, all as from time to time amended. I acknowledge that as a member of the Association, I will be licensed to use the REALTOR® trademarks to indicate such membership, and I agree to abide by the rules governing use of those trademarks. I understand that REALTOR® is a federally registered trademark of the National Association and use of this designation is subject to rules promulgated by the National Association. Upon termination of my membership in the Association for any reason, my license to use the term REALTOR® is automatically revoked and I will immediately discontinue use of the term REALTOR® and all REALTOR® trademarks. Finally, I consent and authorize the board, through its membership committee or otherwise, to invite and receive information and comment about me from any member or other person, and I agree that any information and comment furnished to the board by any member or other person in response to any such invitation shall be conclusively deemed to be privileged and not form the basis of any action by me for slander, libel, or defamation of character. 

NOTE: Applicant acknowledges that the board/association will maintain a membership file of information which may be shared with other boards/associations where applicant subsequently seeks membership. This file shall include: previous applications for membership; all final findings of Code of Ethics violations and violations of other membership duties within the past three (3) years; pending complaints alleging violations of the Code of Ethics or alleging violations of other membership duties; incomplete or pending disciplinary measures; pending arbitration requests; and information related to unpaid arbitration awards or unpaid financial obligations to the board/association or its MLS. 

New member fee is waived if you are transferring from another REALTOR® Board


All Checks payable to: Newnan-Coweta Board of REALTORS® 

Please note: there will be a $50 NSF fee for all returned checks.

* Your 2024 dues total includes a $45 mandatory assessment by the National Association of REALTORS® of all REALTOR®, REALTOR® Associate and Institute Affiliate Members to fund a nationwide public awareness campaign that includes TV network and cable ads highlighting the value a REALTOR® brings to a transaction and stressing the importance of using a REALTOR®.

** Contributions to RPAC are voluntary and used for political purposes. The amount indicated is only a suggestion and you may give more or less or refuse to contribute without reprisal. 70% of each RPAC contribution is used by the Georgia RPAC to support state and local political candidates. The remaining 30% is sent to the National RPAC to support Federal candidates and is charged against your limits under 2 U.S.C. 441a.

DISCLAIMER: By payment of dues for 2024 by the member and the acceptance of said payment by the Newnan-Coweta Board of REALTORS, the member reaffirms his/her obligation and agreement to abide by the Code of Ethics of the Nation-al Association of REALTORS, as may be amended from time to time, including but not limited to the Ethics and Arbitration Procedures, as well as the Constitution and Bylaws of the Newnan-Coweta Board of REALTORS. Payment to the Newnan-Coweta Board of REALTORS, GAR and NAR are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax purposes. Such payments may, however, be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. 

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